Environmental Biotech (EB) was started by Bill Hadley in Sarasota Florida way back in 1991 after his team had developed a proprietary blend of “grease eating” live vegetative bacteria. After exhaustive testing in local restaurants, they designed a process of regular applications to minimize grease problems in plumbing and wastewater lines. As a former Century21 franchisee, he knew the best way to deliver the process was through franchising, where local owners would provide great products and great service in their own communities. EB quickly began expanding across the US. With demonstrated success in many markets of varying sizes, we grew to Canada and the UK, eventually operating over 100 units in more than a dozen countries and on all continents.

Our most successful international franchisee, Aziz Tejpar, started in the UK in 2002 and built his business amazingly. He purchased the entire Environmental Biotech parent company in 2006 and continued to expand with new distributors, new products and more services. EB had changed from franchising to a simpler product distribution model in the US, concentrating on developing additional products while minimizing training and eliminating business coaching and marketing assistance.

Aziz sold his Environmental Biotech UK business in late 2018 and he and his wife Riz moved to Florida to re-launch the franchise under the new name "EnviroLogik”. This terrific franchise opportunity is available now, and includes more revenue sources and full training, coaching and marketing support!