Naturally Effective!

Super effective and environmentally friendly products and services!

No harsh chemicals!

Many of our products are ‘EPA Safer-Choice’ certified!

The EnviroLogik name – Environmentally-friendly products are totally necessary, and totally Logikal!

Customized Solutions

No two customer situations are the same. Just as you want your doctor to examine you and carefully diagnose your symptoms before prescribing treatment and medicine, it’s best for us to accurately diagnose customer problems before recommending treatment. We’ve seen lots of drain line and odor issues and have developed the right solutions for them – combining the best of Mother Nature with ingenuity and unprecedented experience to solve them naturally at the source!

EnviroLogik is a completely unique business model without any direct competitors in the marketplace! Although there are some similar products used in the facilities that are our target customers, no one provides the comprehensive service program that we do. We customize solutions for each client using our proprietary products and equipment and the methodologies that we have developed over almost 30 years in business.

EnviroLogik products and services deliver economical and effective long-term solutions by:

  • Reducing drain line problems and unbudgeted expenses
  • Minimizing costly business interruptions
  • Recycling oil (may help offset our cost for the customer!)
  • Eliminating compliance fees and surcharges

These solutions are based on:

  • 1. Our real-world understanding of FOG ‘from cradle to grave’, including recycling
  • 2. Exhaustive research to develop the most effective and safe live vegetative bacteria
  • 3. Over 30 years in the FOG Control business
  • 4. Our long working relationships with many top companies, like Samsung, Panda Restaurant Group, BAE Systems, McDonald’s, WalMart, KFC, United Airlines and Costa Coffee
  • 5. Our work with hundreds of municipalities such as Dothan AL, Manatee County FL, Orlando FL and London England

We are continually testing and improving our products and plan to introduce new products and services in the future. These will bring you additional revenue streams, often with your existing happy customers!

Education and Training

We offer FOG Control education and certification programs for food and beverage operators and their employees, and we teach industry Best Practices to reduce long-term problems and compliance issues, improve operating efficiencies and keep the workplace healthy.

Even if your customers (and you!) don’t consider themselves to be nature freaks, tree-huggers or Greenpeace activists, isn’t it great to be able to use super-effective solutions to solve common business problems? Solutions that are economical and very safe for people and for the environment? That’s what we thought!

Market Challenges

Our biggest challenge is our success! With our ongoing service program, drain lines flow well and our customers don’t see or smell the problems again, so they might think that they no longer need us. They might forget the pain of the problems they had before EnviroLogik stepped in to resolve their issues. They don’t see what we do inside their drain lines and might be tempted to stop their services.

Of course, the other challenge is that many people believe that “all-natural” products are not very effective. Unfortunately, they have probably seen many ‘next great thing’ promotions that haven’t really worked as advertised, but our FOG Control “good bacteria”, odor control and solids control products really are super-effective!


EnviroLogik franchisees provide a comprehensive service program with our proprietary products and equipment and the methodologies that we have developed in nearly 30 years in business. Our competitors offer:

  • One-size-fits-all treatments, not customized solutions
  • Decent products without diagnosis or service
  • Reactive service without long-term solutions
  • DIY with acids, harsh chemicals and scented sprays

No one else has our experience and our science! No one else educates the client and their employees on management Best Practices so they can help solve the problems! No one else provides a “cradle to grave’ FOG solution! No one does it all, like you will.