We believe in giving back -

to help
our communities.

to help
our environment.

to help
our customers.

We believe in making a difference in our own way -

We believe in solving the needs of private companies by eliminating business disruptions and unplanned expenses from drain line failures, providing a more comfortable workplace, minimizing or eliminating compliance concerns, and by promoting their “green mindset” and publicizing the benefits the business provides to their community.

We believe in solving public needs by treating FOG-contaminated wastewater, minimizing unsanitary sewer overflows and backups, making compliance monitoring easier and more efficient, eliminating sewer odors, and decreasing excess costs due to lift station backups.


- in making everyone involved healthier, safer and more successful.

- in building successful, rewarding and profitable businesses for people like you!

- what we do is becoming a “have-to-have” rather than a “nice-to-have” for many reasons.

Customer Needs

Lots of problems occur in every business, every day. Some of these will be invisible to a casual observer yet will have far-reaching consequences in the operation of the business and in the comfort and health of the employees and customers.

Too often, once something has gone down the drain, it’s considered ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Serving beverages and washing dishes in a restaurant or bar, washing a car, grooming a pet, dental cleanings, auto service and repair will send solids, grease and oil and more into the drain lines, hopefully through a grease trap, on the way to the regional wastewater treatment facility. Public restrooms also have drain line blockages and odors. If drain lines get full or clogged this causes a backup, which is unsanitary, bad for the business and worse for the environment.

We help minimize these issues – by analyzing each customer’s specific situation, by determining their needs, by training the staff on Best Practices, by providing super-effective and safe preventative measures, by instituting recovery and recycling programs and by providing reactive solutions when necessary.

Why We’re Passionate

We have developed fantastic environmentally-friendly solutions, tested and proven over the past 20+ years by our family of franchisees, distributors and service partners in tens of thousands of businesses, thousands of communities, hundreds of industries, and more than a dozen countries.

We save clients lots of time and money in plumbing expenses, hiring and training new employees, unnecessary cleanups, and compliance fines. We help them provide better tasting food, a better smelling restaurant or workplace, more efficient operations and a cleaner environment all around, and it sure makes a difference!

Many of our products are ‘EPA Safer-Choice’ certified!