The DipStick Pro™ is the easy to use core sampler to accurately determine the amount of grease, solids or sludge in grease traps, interceptors, septic tanks, clarifiers and sludge pits. It is the choice of pretreatment professionals when accurate and repeatable core samples of the FOG levels in grease traps, interceptors, lift stations and sludge pits are required.

The DipStick Pro is also the choice of municipal wastewater compliance officials. Many localities require monthly measurement and reporting of grease trap levels, and more communities add these compliance regulations every year. Business operators can do this themselves with a DipStick Pro, but most would probably prefer to have you handle this for them! EnviroLogik also offers a free online reporting tool to let compliance officials check all of the businesses that you measure and report on at any time.

How to Use The DipStick Pro™