Stomach-churning odors from drains, urinals and garbage areas are a nuisance that no business or facility wants to deal with. Oftentimes, visitors will perceive the facility to be dirty and unsanitary just because their nose is telling them something is foul. Our vast knowledge and the right odor control products will ensure that offensive odors are eliminated for good.

Most odor control products on the market are simple masking agents. These chemicals temporarily trick the brain into smelling only peach blossoms or vanilla and not the garbage or deposit left in the corner.

True odor elimination is only achieved when the source of the odor is removed.

In our odor control products, we harness the power of science, using specific blends of bacteria designed to remediate the source of the odor. When combined with pure natural essential oils, our products act as true odor counteractants to change the odor on a molecular level, eliminating it permanently, while leaving your choice of fresh smells in place.