Fine Particle Strainer

Fine Particle Strainer

The Fine Particle Strainer is a high quality, low cost and low maintenance system that removes 99% of food or debris particles from all sink fittings before they pass into the drainage system. This reduction in solids means dramatically reduced blockages, odors, corrosion, expensive reactive service calls, pumping frequency and fines and surcharges from municipal water authorities.

Fine Particle Strainers (FPS) are optimal for all food and beverage businesses and commercial kitchens and any other business where solids might go down the drain lines, particularly hair salons, dog groomers and medical offices.

LockDown Strainers


Any open floor drain or vent stack presents an opportunity for food and foreign objects to find their way into a drain line, causing expensive and unbudgeted blockages. In many cases, strainer baskets have been placed inside floor drains to collect food debris or mop strings, but the staff usually remove them so they don’t have to clean out the collected spoils.

50% of blockages in a commercial kitchen are caused by non-food related items. By fitting a LockDown Strainer, the majority of these blockages can be eliminated.