To illustrate the magnitude of the problem, we dare you to Google ‘fatberg’ or click this link

“Grease traps have been in use since Victorian times, with the first patent for a modern day grease trap issued to Nathaniel Whiting in the late 1800s. Grease traps vary in size, with smaller variations designed to connect individual sinks and larger ones installed to service larger facilities. The definition of a grease trap is “a trap in a drain or waste pipe to prevent grease from passing into a sewer system.” A grease trap is in simple terms a plumbing fixture that contains decomposing food waste.”


Unfortunately, a high percentage of grease traps are not effective in keeping FOG out of the wastewater. There are many reasons for this, in some cases the grease trap is simply too small or too large for the waste flow (yes, too large is just as big a problem!). In other cases, grease traps were poorly designed and/or poorly constructed and are just not working. Some food service establishments don’t monitor the grease trap closely and the trap is often overfull, allowing grease to flow down the waste lines. Of course, some businesses err on the side of caution and have their grease traps pumped much more often than necessary, adding unnecessary service costs.

A simple Google search will show that there are many service companies operating in this space, most of which are local plumbers, and there are some specialized grease haulers (pumpout services) and grease trap cleaners. A restaurant operator could also choose to clean the grease trap themselves, although it is one of the most disgusting tasks in any business!


The unique thing about EnviroLogik is that we determine actual needs for each business and provide a true ‘cradle to grave’ solution for FOG. We don’t charge high consulting fees, and we don’t suggest services that aren’t safe, beneficial and necessary for the business and for the environment. Education, the right equipment and ‘Probiotics for your business’ – proactive and super-effective, that’s EnviroLogik!