There are many tasks associated with running a successful business of any kind. As the business owner, you should choose to do the tasks that you enjoy, that you are best at, and that are most important to the success of your business. You should hire people to do the tasks that you don’t prefer, that you aren’t good at or that are not as critical to your success. Your first questions is “What do I want to do?”.

In an EnviroLogik franchise, the most important tasks are sales, marketing and team-building.

Sales can mean calling or visiting local businesses, sending e-mails, speaking with folks at networking events, exhibiting at shows and much more. You can do any or all of these yourself or hire a salesperson/sales manager.

Marketing means raising awareness of your products and services in your community, which might include presenting a course on Best Practices in food and beverage operations, or on reducing FOG in wastewater. It might be blogging or posting on social media to help small business owners or speaking at a local school or college. Even attending a business networking session can be marketing if you provide info there or take action afterwards with the connections you make.

Team-building is critical for most businesses, especially so for this one. Your front-line service personnel will build a relationship with your customers and can help you retain the customers and generate referrals. Of course, they can also lose customers for you… Hire carefully, treasure and coach your staff and treat them like the valuable people they are! If your strengths are not in this area, you can hire a General Manager or Operations Manager to handle personnel. Of course, your EnviroLogik Franchise Performance coaches will help you every step of the way, from recruiting and training to developing, rewarding and retaining the right team!

Other tasks in the business will include servicing the customers, accounting, scheduling and customer service, and we’ll help you hire for these positions. As you grow, you might promote top performers to supervisory positions, and we’ll provide tools to help you train, reward and retain them, as well.

You will have tremendous resources to help you in your daily business, including our Microbiology Research Specialist, new product development staff, Franchise Performance team, Marketing Specialist, trainers and much more. We will help you design an annual marketing plan, help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) digital ads, social media and e-mail marketing.

One call to EnviroLogik does it all!

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