Initial investment: Your expected startup investment is between $104,000 and $205,740 depending upon the territory size you choose and some of the business decisions you make. This total includes the Initial Franchise Fee, which starts at $49,500 and includes a protected territory. You may qualify for discounts on the Initial Franchise Fee if you are a military veteran or immediate family of a vet or if you are a member of one of our diversity encouragement groups, such as a woman, ethnic minority or LGBTQ.

This total also includes one vehicle lease or purchase, your office-warehouse space, initial equipment and product inventory, computers and software, travel expenses for training, insurance, uniforms and safety equipment, and more.

You should expect to invest a minimum of $21,000 of your own capital to qualify for financing through an SBA or conventional loan.

Ongoing expenses: Royalty is 6% of revenues and covers ongoing training and support, product development, etc. Brand Development Fund is 2% of revenues and covers some digital advertising, social media and more. Technology Fee is $220 per month and covers your business website, e-mail, online training, and the CRM/management software. Local advertising spending is entirely at your discretion, we recommend up to 5% of revenues.

Additional costs: Monthly rent and utilities for your small office-warehouse, payroll, and vehicle expenses as well as costs for consumable products, internet access and cell phone service.

Yes! Top franchise industry lenders offer our candidates SBA and conventional loan programs and a 401K/retirement fund investment program without tax penalties!

Click Here to get pre-qualified in just a few minutes!

Our competitors offer short-term reactive solutions for the most part, using ineffective grease interceptors, harsh drain cleaners and expensive plumbing calls. Our products are natural, effective long-term solutions that are safe for the environment and for plumbing lines, cost-effective and proactive. Wait ‘til you see a demonstration of our incredible Odor E-Liminator products!

Our new franchisees get online training for themselves and for their staff, a week of training at our International Research and Support Center in beautiful Bradenton Florida, and field training with our Franchise Performance coach in their own market.

We give you continual training and updated information on FOG Control and industry advancements with live and recorded webinars, advanced online courses, at regional and national meetings, and more! Commit yourself to building expert knowledge by reading industry periodicals and attending industry trade shows, as well.

The EnviroLogik sales training program teaches you and your staff how to make a sales plan, how to select your target clients and determine how you can benefit them, how to ‘open the door’ and set an appointment, how to track your sales efforts and to follow up on your proposals. You will learn how to present our unique selling proposition and explain our differentiation, how to help prospects visualize enjoying the benefits of our products and services, and how to handle the questions they may ask.

You’ll have a full toolbox of resources to help you network in your community and build relationships to launch a referral program, send e-mail marketing messages and proposals, share content on social media and encourage engagement with decision makers. You will become the “go-to” person in the business community to solve drain line and odor problems, possibly even getting a cool nickname like “Drain-line Diva” or “Stinkbuster”…

We will work with your local community to design and implement a strong FOG compliance program and a training program for municipal compliance supervisors and for local businesses. You will be actively involved and be positioned as the local expert and top service provider!

Our typical customers include local restaurants and taverns, shopping malls, medical offices, hair salons, hotels, schools and universities, public buildings, factories, food manufacturers and processing plants, stadiums and sporting facilities, auto repair shops, pet groomers, country clubs and many more. You will build referrals through your existing contacts and then through happy customers, call on any or all of these industry verticals, and use digital marketing and social media to raise awareness and drive inquiries.

You can join local Chambers of Commerce, restaurant associations, wastewater associations and other local business/networking groups; present and exhibit at local events and sponsor environmental causes, community cleanups, etc., to raise community awareness and build a referral network.

  • We provide products and services that work and have a positive impact on our environment!
  • We help with annual business planning, with marketing planning and team building.
  • Our sales training and sales assistance increases your expertise and your confidence.
  • We offer lots of marketing resources and advice.
  • We help you recruit and train your employees.
  • We coach you regularly to support and improve your operations and help you increase revenue and profitability.
  • We work with local communities to design strong FOG compliance programs, driving revenue to you from local businesses.
  • We plan to roll out a National Sales Program when we grow to enough US locations.

As long as people prepare food and eat, as long as they use the bathroom, as long as they can smell… We will have lots of opportunity!

Amazon can’t do this. Robots and drones won’t take it over. This is a recurring-revenue model. Customer demand, employee health and comfort, and municipal compliance regulations help ensure there will always be a need for our products and services!

We have territory available throughout the US and Canada. Contact us to discuss this in detail!

You don’t need prior industry experience – we will teach you everything to make you an expert in the field!

You can start by driving one truck yourself and grow at your own pace or start with 2 or more trucks and hire your service team right away!

You will need at least $21,000 of your own capital to qualify, but there is no minimum credit score, or minimum Net Worth needed.

Contact us to begin your Discovery Process. We’ve set the order of the steps to ensure that you learn what you need to make a great decision, but you set the timing for each step and for your decision.

We will help you learn about the opportunity, the industry, the investment costs and funding options. You will speak with our existing operators, visit our International Research and Support Center and meet our Executive Team.

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