After the COVID crisis, new opportunties!

We’re well into the global COVID crisis now, will you take a few simple steps to be happier, improve your performance and increase your opportunities?

Step 1: Smile
Be welcoming to others, be friendly and open. A smile is the best and easiest way to show that you are! People will feel more comfortable approaching you or talking with you, and that will help you build a bigger and better network more quickly. Your positive energy will attract other positive people and may ‘infect’ folks second- or even third-hand and make them happier and more enthusiastic!

Step 2: Ask
Good questions can unlock many things for you. Ask about people you meet, show sincere interest and they will be glad to open up to you. This new information may lead to follow-up questions, meeting additional people and discovering future opportunity!

Step 3: Listen
How can you learn if you don’t listen? Everyone you meet has interesting and potentially valuable information, and they are probably eager to share it with you. Make it a point to really hear what they are saying, don’t “listen with your answer running” (just waiting for a break in the conversation so you can say your piece)!

Step 4: Offer your help
Do you have an idea that could have a good impact on another company or group? Do you know someone who might be able to help a person you meet? Perhaps you can offer suggestions to improve efficiency or just an interested or sympathetic ear when someone has a new idea.

Remember, what goes around, comes back around, much better each time!

– Ron Bender

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