Ron Bender at the Envirologik booth in Miami

Where did it all start?

In February of 2019, I attended the annual convention of the International Franchise Association (IFA) in Las Vegas. I’m not a fan of Vegas at all, but this is one of the most important get-togethers for the franchise industry and I just can’t miss it.

A good friend found me at one of the after-hours social events, saying she had someone to introduce me to. Moments later, I was speaking with Aziz Tejpar, the owner of Environmental Biotech (EB), about his interest in launching a US franchise division (Thanks, Sally!). Aziz had owned EB for 14 years and been a member of the IFA but hadn’t traveled from his home in England to attend the annual convention in 8 years. When we discovered that we lived only 5 miles apart but hadn’t heard of each other or met until we were almost 2,500 miles from home, we knew that fate, kismet or destiny was at work!

We talked for over an hour, luckily Vegas bars never close, and found we had much in common regarding humor, our business philosophies, loyalty and family, and our overarching concern for the success and happiness of every franchisee. He told me about his business experience; from building and selling a successful Budget Rent-A-Car franchise and car dealerships, to failing with his UK Dunkin Donuts franchise, and about building his EB franchise so big that he bought the Florida-based parent company to ensure his supply chain.

We met again several times back in Florida and discussed his Vision and then the nuts and bolts of the franchise launch, and in mid-March we came to an agreement and started our partnership in EnviroLogik! Truth be told, this was never in doubt after I told my wife about Aziz and his wife Riz, EB’s history and staff, and the amazing products and services and environmental benefits we would be offering!

It took us many months to update all the manuals and procedures and prepare the training and support programs, websites and marketing collateral, legal documents, and more. Since we launched in early 2020 we found great interest throughout much of the franchise industry, since there aren’t many sanitizing/disinfection or environmentally beneficial franchises.

Understand that we are a startup franchise, albeit with 30 years of the US and global experience, and early adopters will have lots of input and will help us chart the course of EnviroLogik’s development. There is a tremendous opportunity but lots of hard work, as well. If this speaks to you, don’t wait until we meet in Las Vegas or elsewhere; give me a call or send me an email today to see whether you should be part of the next chapter of our growth!

– Ron Bender

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