What are your goals, both short- and long-term?

We want to help you decide whether an EnviroLogik franchise will enable you to attain your goals. It doesn’t help anyone for a franchise owner to invest in a business and operate without getting the income and lifestyle rewards they want and need!

Will you be happy as well as financially successful with EnviroLogik?

We want to work with fun, happy and very successful franchise owners!

What are your strengths?

Will these help you build a successful EnviroLogik business, or are you better suited to a different business model?

What are your weaknesses?

Does EnviroLogik provide you with the assistance and the resources that will make up for your weaknesses, or will you be able to hire staff with the right skillsets to backstop you in these areas?

How soon do you want to make your investment decision, and when are you interested in starting your new business?

These are big decisions EnviroLogik will provide you with guidance on making this decision. We will both win.

Is this the right investment level and the right time for you and your family?

Are you financially ready to invest? Can you cover your financial commitments during the time it takes to build your new business? Do you qualify for funding for your new business?

Let’s get you the answers to these questions quickly so you know whether EnviroLogik is a great option for you to consider!

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