We start by learning about your business, investigating issues, and identifying any situations that could be improved or that may be out of compliance.

  • What is the history of drain line and odor problems? What challenges have you had, how have they been solved in the past, and what are the true causes?

  • Could there be issues with the mechanical plumbing design; if you have grease traps are they the right size and working well; are there missing or broken strainers or plumbing leaks?

  • Are employees closely following your operational practices with safety and compliance in mind?

  • Have they removed drain covers or are they using other obvious “workarounds” or “time-savers”?

  • Is your cooking oil clean and fresh? Do you have a good filtering program and a waste oil removal and recycling process in place?


We teach industry Best Practices for many verticals, increasing efficiency and decreasing problems. You and your employees will learn all about FOG, and why and how drain line problems occur from FOG, sugars, starches and solids, and how to prevent future issues. You’d be amazed how little knowledge is out there…

Our standard preventive maintenance program is a great long-term solution when existing drain problems have just been resolved or are very minor. There may be more serious mechanical problems, backups or leaks that require a plumber or other service professional before EnviroLogik®’s preventive service routine will keep your drains free-flowing and eliminate drain flies and odors.


Most communities have regulations that require inspection and monitoring of grease traps and other wastewater effluents, and they impose heavy fees and fines on businesses that are out of compliance or don’t monitor and report accurately. Some municipalities are still using public employees to do this compliance monitoring, but due to budget cuts most are transferring that responsibility onto the businesses, or they will soon.

Our patented DipStick ProTM is the most accurate and widely-used equipment for this monitoring, and our monitoring will usually allow you to schedule grease traps pumpouts much less often, saving you money throughout the year. We will design and implement your comprehensive FOG and solids compliance program to ensure effectiveness, decreasing maintenance and repair expenses and eliminating compliance fines.
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