EnviroLogik® can help you keep your fryer oil clean and fresh, which will keep your food fresher and more attractive! In less than 5 minutes, our filtering equipment will remove food particles, carbon, and other debris, extending the usable life of your oil up to 2x and decreasing your oil costs. Additional benefits include lower labor costs (fewer oil changes), less strain on your grease trap or interceptor, and far less used oil going into our landfills!

We can vacuum filter your fryer oil every week or every other week using our mobile Fryer Oil Filter, and we will test your oil each time to determine when it must be changed. For the best results and full control, you can lease our portable Fryer Oil Filter and have your staff filter the oil as often as every day, optimally between lunch and dinner. The mobile unit can handle any size fryer and removes the oil from the fryer, replacing it after filtering. The portable unit is suitable for fryers up to 70 lbs./32 liters capacity and is placed into the fryer to filter the oil from inside.

Oil is filtered while hot (up to 390°F), the single-use filter is easily replaced, and safety is paramount because there is no contact with the oil. Both units are made of top-quality stainless steel for low maintenance, easy cleaning, and long life.

EnviroLogik offers fryer oil filtering
EnviroLogik offers fryer oil filtering to maximize efficiency and minimize wastes.
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