We provide each location with a dynamic micro-website, which will inform potential customers of the problems you can solve and the products and equipment you will use, drive inquiries and promote environmental awareness. You will be able to customize your website with photos and videos, testimonials and specific services you offer, and you can link to environmental causes, educational resources, local events and companies you work with.

  • Your service vehicles will have a custom EnviroLogik wrap, which is designed to attract positive attention and promote your business. You should wrap any sales vehicles you use, as well, for the same benefit. Your staff should wear EnviroLogik logo apparel during work hours and all community events to promote your business! We will help teach every employee to present a 20- to 30-second ‘elevator pitch’ to inform people what you do and to spur additional questions and interest.
  • EnviroLogik’s Marketing Specialist works with our franchisees to develop a practical marketing plan, customizing digital campaigns using SEO, PPC, social media and e-mail for each area. This is also a resource for any special projects you may want, including designing a brochure or other advertising item or campaign.
  • You can present and exhibit at local schools and at FOG Control and food service industry events, teach our FOG Control Summit to municipal staff and customers and participate in trials and case studies. Customer and vendor referral programs can also be a good source of prospects for you.
  • We promote a culture of giving back to our community, so we encourage you and your employees to get involved in local conservation and environmental cleanup programs and events. This will raise awareness in your region and build goodwill, which can always bring future business and job applicants.
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