We believe it is our responsibility to help you increase your revenue and, more importantly, grow your profitability. This means helping you get more and larger customers, keeping your staff turnover low, improving your service delivery and customer experience, decreasing your operating expenses and increasing your efficiencies.

To accomplish this, our Franchise Performance coaches hold regularly-scheduled calls with all franchisees, weekly for our newest owners and every 2 to 4 weeks as they gain experience and expertise. They go over KPI’s and financial data, advise on sales, staffing, marketing and operational issues and share Best Practices they’ve learned from other franchisees. They are a great sounding board for any business situation or question and should be able to point you to the best resource, EnviroLogik team member or franchisee to get the answers you need.

Your coach will help you recruit new team members and assist in training them, where possible. They will advise you and share Best Practices, but remember, all hiring, compensation and employment decisions are yours alone!

Market visits are done as often as possible, where your coach will go on sales and service calls with you and your team, analyze your marketing plan and results, and troubleshoot your business, giving constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement in all areas.

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